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Posted by Tamara Blake on Sep 3, 2015 1:25:46 PM

Prior to becoming the Executive Director of Widow Care, my knowledge and interaction with the population of individuals who have been widowed had been limited to personal experiences. As a Psychologist, I would encounter clients who had become widowed.  However, that is where my experience ended. Drawn to the mission of Widow Care where James 1:27 presses upon us that faith is the caring of widows and orphans, I felt an immediate pull to the organization. When I initially met Eric Stewart, our president, and Kristin Hoover, our initial Executive Director, they shared the story of how this Bible passage was created into our organization. Eric, an acting enthusiast, was involved in a theatrical production in which passages of the Bible were memorized. James 1:27 stayed with him for 15 years. Determined to create an organization that focused on the well-being and support of those widowed, Widow Care was born with Kristin’s help. Upon interviewing for the position, I saw very quickly this was a “family”, and had immediate respect for the hard work, love, and care that has been invested in the organization and its members.

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