42 Years

Blessings in the mourning

Posted by Reva Gambrell on Nov 10, 2017 4:26:19 PM


It has been ten years. As I share my thoughts, I pause at the thought of ten years. I still shed tears as I remember. I know my tears are mixed. Mixed with mourning, love, loss, and memories. Some of my memories make me smile, and still many cause me to cry. I cry because of the strong connection we had. Although my husband is not here, I still know that he is still with me. I miss our time together. This feeling does not bring to memory a specific time per se, just missing time.

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For many years, time stood still for me. Well, time moved forward, but in my mind time was still – frozen. Set on the day I lost him. I moved through the motions of the day-to-day, but time, that day – that time, stood still.

Time is also full of memories. I remember the time… And, those memories are frozen too. But I find that “still moment” to be a good pause – memories are good. Remember and make new memories. Memories are a blessing.

Stop, take “time” to feel and take note of the blessings. As I move forward through year ten, I remember the “blessings in the mourning” . There are many, and I will share my journey with you over the next several months. I hope you will also find your “blessings in the mourning” . And, please share.