I chose to be a sponsor because I have family and relatives of women who are widows. Many of my clients are also widows.  I have been impacted positively by Widow Care because I see that the people at Widow Care care about the widows that they are helping.  If I can help in my own small way to help make a difference in a widow’s lives, it makes me happy.I love educating my widow clients to be more empowered in their financial knowledge, so that they can make the best choices out there for them.

Many widows or widowers are not involved in finance decisions because their spouses usually handle them.  So when their spouse passes away, they are unexpectedly thrust into a situation to learn everything they can or be taken advantage of by predators out there.  I have seen the injustice of a widow or widower being taken advantage of, just because they are not educated in financial knowledge, and it is infuriating.  This is why I chose to be a sponsor to help educate women in transition