Eric Stewart

Widow Care's founder and executive director, Eric Stewart found his calling through the back door. As a young drama major in college, Eric had the unique opportunity of performing the Book of Ruth, the biblical journey of a stalwart widow. Inspired by this story and other verses in the Old and New Testament referencing the commandment to 'care for the widow,' Eric was introduced early on to the needs of widowed individuals.

Eventually, Eric changed paths and pursued a career in real estate. Over his 30 years in practice, he met hundreds of widows (and widowers) - many in his own community - and became acutely aware of the challenges faced as they transitioned into their "new normal" of widowhood status. He also realized that most of these widows were overwhelmed with grief and the stark reality of having to face life's demands alone.

Eric identified two recurring needs among the widowed population:  1) emotional support and 2) assistance with practical tasks such as budgeting/financial management, home and garden maintenance, and household organizing. He determined that he could address these needs and make a difference in the lives of widows throughout Montgomery County - and eventually beyond - by offering a "go to" website repository for widows. With that vision in mind, Eric launched Widow Care in 2014. 

Since its inception, Widow Care has matched widows with volunteers, offered social events, and been a hub for information and referral. While as with most budding organizations Widow Care has experienced small shifts in its programming direction, its mission of restoring confidence, independence, and stability in the lives of widows has remained unwavering. Eric looks forward to continuing his support of widows as they adjust to their new lives.