History of Widow Care

Eric Stewart, our board president, is also Widow Care's founder. Eric has sold real estate since 1987 in the Washington, D.C. metro area, and in his practice has met hundreds of widows. Through these meetings, he has formed personal relationships with many of his clients and developed a sensitivity to the needs and challenges faced by those grieving the loss of a spouse - including the need to connect with fellow widowed "travelers."

A few years ago, Eric began thinking about ways he could provide support to widows. He determined that there were few - if any - organized methods of connecting widows to one another. Senior centers, hospitals, social service agencies and faith-based organizations offered support groups, but they were only found through advertising or word of mouth.  

What if there was one site where widows groups could have a home - a place to publicize their group's purpose and other information such as meeting times, social events, and the like? What if widows and widowers, feeling overwhelmed and adrift over where to turn for support could find resources and support under one roof? This is the goal and mission of Widow Care.

There are over 100,000 widows - and widowers in Montgomery County, MD alone. The transient nature of our Metro area means that many do not have strong relational roots. Widowed individuals face additional isolation and removal from care structures when adult children are no longer in the area.  

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that one-third of the 13 million widowed Americans lost their spouse at the age of 45 or younger. Widow Care’s mission is to bring a support network to widows and widowers who do not have one.